Want in on the great retirement boom? Here are the five things you should know.

Early retirement sounds tempting, but the math can be a major reality check


I laughed when my daughter recently said she was ready to retire.

She’s 26.

Of course, she wasn’t serious, but nine months into full-time employment and she’s already thinking about how she can retire early at 55. And she’s not alone.

Early retirement was typically a choice reserved for the more prosperous. But then a global pandemic hit and, at least for now, it has changed the trajectory of a lot of workers.

Why is everyone quitting, and how do I know whether it’s time to leave my job?

A significant share of people leaving their jobs in "Great Resignation” are early retirees. Rising house prices and a supercharged stock market are giving them the financial confidence that they can afford to call it quits.

But analysts warn that high housing prices and a possibly overheated stock market could be giving people a false sense of financial security. Before you join the ranks of retirees, you need to consider a number of factors to see if you’re financially ready. Here are five questions you should be asking yourself.