Americans’ top five financial resolutions and how to make them stick

No, you don’t need a budgeting app to control your spending. Here’s why.

(Elise Amendola/AP)

Every year, you make a promise to yourself to get out of debt or finally build a decent emergency fund.

Or maybe you’ve resolved to spend less or save more for retirement.

You set a goal.

Then life gets in the way and your financial resolution is derailed. You feel like a failure, so you stop even trying. And it’s only March.

The problem isn’t that you didn’t have enough willpower. You probably didn’t have a plan, which starts with knowing where you stand.

According to Bankrate, the top 2022 financial goals for U.S. adults are paying down debt, building an emergency fund, budgeting better, boosting retirement savings and investing more money. Here’s advice on how to stick to your goals:

Coming Fed rate hikes mean one thing: Pay off that credit card debt. Now.