Here’s why your tax refund may be late

So far in the 2022 tax season, the average tax refund is more than $3,300


For some Americans, this year’s tax season was easy. They filed electronically, elected to have their money sent by direct deposit to their bank account and, in three weeks or less, got their refund.

The IRS said that, as of March 18, almost 52 million refunds have been issued worth more than $171 billion, with the average payment totaling $3,305.

But for others, a massive return backlog has delayed refunds or held up the processing of returns that were refiled by taxpayers because a correction or change needed to be made.

With about three weeks left in the 2022 filing season, which began Jan. 24, here’s what you need to know about why your return may have been delayed:

IRS aims to quickly fill 5,000 jobs, deploy ‘surge’ team to clear backlog of 24 million tax returns