These buzzwords show how work changed in 2022

From quiet quitting to productivity paranoia, new phrases emerged to describe shifts in workplace culture


In 2022, the battle over workplace culture ushered in a new vocabulary, as workers flexed their might in the tightest labor market in years and employers grappled with changes brought on by the pandemic.

Employees and employers were embroiled in conflict over the future of work as tensions over masks and vaccinations gave way to a tug-of-war over offices, remote work and hybrid schedules. Engagement and productivity slumped. Burnout and quits soared.

In the new landscape, a steady cadence of terms bubbled up to describe how work was evolving, according to Daniel Zhao, lead economist at Glassdoor, an online career platform.

“We’ve spent the year trying to come up with these new phrases and terminology to understand what’s going on,” Zhao said.

Here’s a guide to a few of the terms and trends that dominated the conversation around work this year.