Here’s what workers really care about, according to a Post-Ipsos poll

Pay is still a top priority, but so is having a good boss

(Video: Illustration by Simoul Alva for The Washington Post)
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After the upheaval the pandemic created in the world of work, there’s been fierce debate about what workers really want. Demands for flexible work, better pay, opportunities for mentorship and advancement and connection with co-workers all played into the shake-up that caused the Great Resignation — and those desires have continued to reshape the labor market.

In the wake of so much change, about 8 in 10 workers are satisfied with their jobs, even as over 6 in 10 say work is stressful, a Washington Post-Ipsos poll of workers finds. While desire to work from home is a priority for some workers, pay, having a good boss or manager and other aspects of a job rank higher.

The poll of 1,148 workers ages 18 to 64 sheds light on how workers feel about their jobs and what the future may hold. Here are some of the key findings.