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(Washington Post illustration; iStock)
(Washington Post illustration; iStock)
U.S. corporations are set to smash a record with billions in share buybacks. And they have made sizable capital investments, too.
On Leadership
Coming at a time when President Trump is shredding norms of what it means to be “presidential,” the Tesla leader has driven right over what’s seen as conventional behavior for a public company CEO.
Any data you hand over to a company has a decent chance of someday getting stolen. (Ross May/The Washington Post; iStock)
Any data you hand over to a company has a decent chance of someday getting stolen. (Ross May/The Washington Post; iStock)
Here’s how to be a defensive online shopper in a world where data breaches are the new norm.
For many workers, health care and employability are so entangled that one frequently comes at the expense of the other.

A Friday sell-off triggered by concern over the health of the global economy wiped out U.S. equity gains for the week.

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A London townhouse, a golf course and $20 million Harrods shopping sprees put a woman in the crosshairs of a British fight against suspicious money.

The medical-products giant denied the Reuters account as its stock plunged 10 percent.

Signs that China’s economy may be slowing reverberated through global financial markets.

More Americans are ditching paper money, but critics of cashless restaurants and shops say many people are being left behind.

After 23 years the Washington-based magazine will come to an end, with 35 staff members losing their jobs.

In a blog post Friday, the social media giant revealed that the software mishap allowed as many as 1,500 apps to access photos that “people uploaded to Facebook but chose not to post.” The bug occurred during two weeks in September. This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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Harvard’s decades-long orientation program is now facing scrutiny on Capitol Hill, as lawmakers say they are planning to review House ethics rules for incoming members.

Beijing is trying to maintain a trade-war truce, as data shows its economy is slowing.

  • Review

Ellen Ruppel Shell reexamines and reimagines the American job

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Economists revisited a famous 2002 paper on the value of elite colleges to see what it meant for women.

  • Perspective

As with any artificial intelligence technology that “learns” your habits, the gains may not be worth the privacy you give up.

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Sean Parker repaid California for his multimillion dollar wedding in the redwoods. In kind of the best way.

  • Perspective

I had to gasp when Donald Trump Jr. said his dad once regifted him a monogrammed present he had given him the year before.

Millennials aren’t quirky. They’re poor.

The move comes amid a broader government push to more closely consider cybersecurity as it evaluates defense contractors for important weapons systems.

After setbacks, rocket launch opens new era in human spaceflight.

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