(Dustin Chambers/For The Washington Post)
(Dustin Chambers/For The Washington Post)

Colonial shutdown shows how Americans pay the price of efficiency

The energy sector has stripped redundancy out of its systems, at the risk of leaving customers in the lurch when things go wrong.

Map of dry gas stations impacted by cyberattack

The Colonial Pipeline system fuels 45 percent of the east coast's gas supply. A recent cyberattack halted the supplier and lead to panic purchases and price spikes.

High fuel prices and shortages hit trucking industry, as nation critically needs gasoline and goods transported

The recent cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline combined with a pandemic-recovering economy have hit the trucking industry, which plays a crucial role in consumer spending.
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Walmart drops mask requirements for vaccinated shoppers and employees

The retailer joins Costco and Trader Joe’s in easing restrictions after a shift in CDC guidelines.

Facing oversight questions, FAA approves fix for electrical hazard in 737 Max jets

The fact that Boeing and its regulator discovered the new safety problem only last month, and not during a protracted reexamination of the plane’s safety following two Max crashes, underscored questions about safety oversight.

Gas shortages persist as operations resume at downed pipeline

Officials caution it could take days for the aftereffects of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack to subside.

How the Colonial Pipeline hack is affecting gas prices and supply

Several governors have declared states of emergency as drivers across the Southeast rush to fill their tanks and fuel prices spike.

For Black workers, age discrimination strikes twice

Young Black workers face even more discrimination than older ones, a new study found.

Gig-economy jobs and how to manage the irregular income

The pros and cons of working in the gig economy. Adapted from “What to Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide,” to be published Tuesday by HMH.

No, the SALT deduction does not benefit only the wealthy. It makes sense to raise it.

A bipartisan proposal would let people wait until they’re 75 to begin taking (federally taxable) distributions from their retirement accounts. It would really only help a small share of well-off people.

Disney, hit hard by the pandemic, signals its belief that bright days are imminent

The easing of pandemic restrictions will greatly benefit Disney's theme parks and theatrical movies. Disney Plus is another story.

Spencer Silver, inventor who made the Post-it Note stick, dies at 80

The 3M chemist accidentally invented the adhesive used in Post-it Notes, an innovation that became a favored modern medium for jotting notes to oneself and others.

As Colonial Pipeline recovers from cyberattack, leaders point to a ‘wake-up call’ for U.S. energy infrastructure

Even as the crisis started to abate, the ease with which a critical artery of America’s transportation system was felled by a common online attack prompted a soul-searching among national leaders and cybersecurity experts.

‘Collectibles versus commodities’: As Target halts sales of trading cards, collectors reckon with fast-changing hobby

The retailer is pulling cards “out of an abundance of caution" after a parking lot dispute at a Wisconsin store turned violent.

Gas stations await relief from panic buyers while Colonial Pipeline restores service

It may take a few days to recover from the fuel runs and shortages that cleaned out more than half the stations in Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas.
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