Elizabeth Rowe filed suit in July but told The Post she had privately protested to management for years.
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But Americans — not China — pay the tariffs. And so far, it's a net loser for the government.
Several major brands, such as Disney and Nestlé, this week halted their advertising on YouTube because their ads were played alongside videos with abusive or sexually explicit comments.
Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity returns to Mojave Air and Space Port after reaching space on Friday. (Matt Hartman/AP)
Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity returns to Mojave Air and Space Port after reaching space on Friday. (Matt Hartman/AP)
For the second time in three months, Virgin Galactic has launched a spacecraft into space. But varying definitions of "space" sparked comments by Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, who said in a speech that his company's astronauts won't have "asterisks" next to their names because they'll exceed NASA's definition of space.
The 30-year fixed-rate average dropped to 4.35 percent, its lowest level in more than a year.
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Progressive Insurance had a better way to balance the interests of shareholders, employees.

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“I am good at putting puzzles together,” says research scientist Crystal Icenhour, CEO of Aperiomics.

Food conglomerate Kraft Heinz took a $15.4 billion write-down in two of its most powerful brands this week, a jarring warning that even the most iconic American names are vulnerable to shifts in consumer tastes.

He’s starting a new job. Should he have mentioned the baby before accepting the offer?

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The economy will soon be further behind its pre-crisis trend than it was at this point of the Great Depression.

Judith Smith bought the golden ticket just days before the shutdown began.

It’s hard to put money aside when you’re only earning enough to cover the basic necessities.

The temporary ban makes it tougher for users to find accurate information about vaccinations even as Pinterest seeks to protect them.

It's not really a thing yet.

The Senate minority leader wants Digital First Media to explain its plans for Gannett.

How much is your integrity worth?

Minutes from the January meeting also show the central bank intends to end balance sheet reduction this year.

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Management guru Marcus Buckingham and Cisco executive Ashley Goodall have some ideas about how you should really talk to employees

“The on-device microphone was never intended to be a secret and should have been listed in the tech specs,” a Google statement said.

The Federal Trade Commission is under pressure to issue a steep fine and other sharp penalties against Facebook to prove that it’s able to keep Silicon Valley in check, privacy advocates and congressional lawmakers say.

EMarketer expects companies to spend nearly $130 billion on digital ads, compared with about $110 billion on traditional advertisements.

A massive fraud operation affects potentially millions of Android users, according to Oracle researchers.

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