A legal action accuses Facebook and 10 employers of discrimination for targeting ads for police officers, truck drivers and store clerks exclusively to men.
The net gain is not a forgone conclusion, the "Future of Jobs Report" cautioned, as huge investments are needed to retrain and educate workers.
Apple CEO Tim Cook attended a state dinner at the White House in April. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
Apple CEO Tim Cook attended a state dinner at the White House in April. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)
Apple's CEO has come to occupy a prominent role as one of Silicon Valley's savviest political operators — a behind-the-scenes Trump whisperer who's been able to shape some of the administration's economic policies in ways that benefit Apple and some of its tech peers.

The electric automaker is also facing an SEC investigation and multiple shareholder lawsuits over chief Elon Musk's tweets last month that he had the “funding secured” to take the company private..

In 2016, a record 64 million people lived with multiple generations, Pew said in a report this year.

Beijing has warned it will impose tariffs on $60 billion in American goods.

Maezawa plans to take artists on the SpaceX voyage with him as part of a global art project called Dear Moon.

The report by the Greater Washington Partnership recommends changes similar to prior studies for improving bus service. The question is will it lead to any change?

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A nutritionist shares what to look for, mistakes to avoid and a list of providers.

  • Analysis

Ten years after the financial crisis, both Obama and Trump claim credit for an economic turnaround, but the data suggests the former — not the latter — steered the economy out of free fall.

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Rather than cooling tensions, Trump has opted for escalation with China.

The announcement comes amid questions about Musk's recent erratic behavior, and at a time when the company is poised to fly astronauts for the first time.

The move puts new import taxes on about half of all the goods Americans buy from China, including common household items.

The defamation lawsuit will extend an episode that has made even Musk’s biggest supporters squirm, with several inside Tesla questioning why he remains so committed to doubling down on what they regard as a self-inflicted embarrassment.

Those without flood insurance will have to try to rebuild with FEMA grants worth just a few thousand dollars.

The chief executive responded to a Tesla customer on Twitter and said that the company has transitioned from production problems to severe delivery issues.

U.S. government debt per household is nearly $127,000 (and rising)

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The presidential biographer looks at how some of the best presidents led the country amid economic strife, war and domestic turbulence

Salesforce.com owner Marc Benioff and his wife, Lynne, are buying the magazine for $190 million from Meredith Corp. The sale comes months after Des Moines, Iowa-based Meredith, owner of Family Circle and Better Homes & Gardens, purchased Time Inc. for $2.8 billion.

This Oscar season, the success of Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’ could change future of the streaming service.

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