Is sustainable mining possible? The EV revolution depends on it.

The transition to electric cars relies on the auto industry being able to sustainably source huge volumes of metals. Can it be done in America?
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My boss said ‘we didn’t need another White guy.’ Say what?

We found a good candidate for a job opening, but my boss indicated we turned him down because we "didn't need another White guy." Isn't that illegal discrimination?

Rate hikes are little help for Estonia’s 22% inflation, Europe’s worst

Estonia is suffering the worst inflation in the euro area, with consumer prices rising at an annual rate of nearly 22 percent – more than twice as fast as in the United States.

The corporate minimum tax could hit these ultra-profitable companies

The ultra-profitable companies that could get hit by the corporate minimum tax included in the Inflation Reduction Act and how much they've paid in taxes in recent years.

Disney raises streaming price, passes Netflix in subscribers

Disney now has some 221 million subscribers across its streaming platforms.

USPS is raising rates on packages during the holiday season

The Postal Service surcharge will apply to commercial and retail parcels from early October through late January.

Musk sells $6.9 billion in Tesla shares ahead of Twitter trial

The world’s richest man is girding for a court battle with the social media platform, which wants to compel him to complete the $44 billion deal made in April.

Chipotle to pay $20 million to resolve New York City workplace case

The settlement — the largest of its kind — means cash payments for 13,000 current and former workers tied to alleged scheduling and sick leave violations.

Inflation eased in July from a year ago, as energy prices fell

Inflation may have peaked as households and businesses felt relief at the gas pump last month, but there is still a long way to go to curbing inflation.

Five charts explaining why inflation is so high

Gas prices fell last month, but the cost of food and shelter continued to tick upward.
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House rich, cash poor: Why a home-equity loan may not be a good idea

The increase in home equity wealth is expected to spur a record amount of home-improvement spending. Here are the pros and cons of tapping into that money.

Food prices are still rising. Here’s how Americans are coping.

Readers share how higher food prices and inflation affect what they put in the fridge.

In the Ukraine war, a battle for the nation’s mineral and energy wealth

Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine has given it control over some of the most mineral-rich lands in Europe.
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Solving America’s race problem one byte at a time

How did a girl from D.C. and Prince George's Public Schools became an engineer from the University of Maryland, a public policy expert from Harvard and a big-data scientist from UCLA?

Hodlnaut becomes the latest crypto lender to block withdrawals

The Singapore-based company says it’s working on a long-term solution, which “will not be a short process.”
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