Dim views out of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and weak economic data kicked up a fresh wave of volatility.
The political war over prescription drug practices is spawning a frenzy of activity by outside lobbying groups, some with names that mask their ties to industry and one that has gone to great lengths to disguise its origins.
At least two dozen people in India have been killed in violent mobs incited by rumors on the global messaging service, which has 1.5 billion users.
The coffee company is introducing a delivery service in seven major U.S. cities through a partnership with Uber Eats, starting in San Francisco and expanding to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.
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Corporate elites gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, are newly anxious and pointing fingers at the president, as his trade wars and government shutdown pile pressure on wobbly global growth.

After years of honoring small movies, the Oscars took a bold — or controversial step — toward well-heeled movies and one well-financed player.

"What we do in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years," the famed naturalist said.

Thousands of students at George Mason University can order food from on-demand robots on wheels. The school has received a fleet of 25 delivery robots from Starship Technologies that can haul up to 20 pounds and make deliveries in 15 minutes or less, the company says.

Robomart has created an autonomous vehicle filled with fresh groceries that can be ordered using an app.

Problems in China, the United States and Europe caused worries in Davos, although a recession is not thought to be imminent.

Google failed to fully disclose to users how their personal information is collected and what happens to it, French regulators said.

The longest wait times to clear security checkpoints were in Minneapolis and New Orleans.

On Monday, the International Monetary Fund cut its global growth predictions for this year and next, saying "the balance of risks remains skewed to the downside."

Some communities are forced to cut back since Beijing curtailed accepting solid waste.

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A number of movies that were made by the alleged #MeToo offender now sit at companies around Hollywood. And in the wake of the success of “The Upside,” their prospects seem brighter.

Tesla’s shares sank nearly 8 percent after the cuts were announced.

Wall Street shrugs off the shutdown and rallies from the big drops of last year.

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Being disciplined and diligent pays off.

The streaming service is ratcheting up its ambition, aiming beyond video.

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The four-day workweek may sound like a professional paradise, but it also comes with plenty of challenges. Four small-business owners share what worked — and what didn't — when they made the switch.

The twisted drama has exploded on social media since its debut on the streaming service.

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Like opioids, benzodiazepines' effects on most users include relaxation and slowed breathing. They are also addictive and can cause an overdose.

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