(Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)
(Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)

China Evergrande has defaulted on its debts, Fitch says

The property builder has been staggering under the weight of $300 billion in liabilities.

Without access to charging stations, Black and Hispanic communities may be left behind in the era of electric vehicles

Look at any map of electrical vehicle charging stations in the United States, and in most of the big cities, what is immediately apparent are big blank spaces. They're called charging deserts, and they coincide with Black and Brown communities.

Advice on dealing with a workplace bully

Whether you're a target or a witness, everyone can play a role in building an environment where workplace bullying won't thrive.

Martin Shkreli’s former company reaches $40 million settlement in price-gouging case

Vyera Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a life-saving drug for HIV patients from $17.50 per pill to $750.

In 2022, companies plan to give biggest raises in more than a decade

Companies will raise pay an average 3.9 percent in 2022, the Conference Board reports. That’s the fastest wage growth since 2008.

Crypto executives debut on Capitol Hill, urging light regulation of their booming industry

Six cryptocurrency executives advocated for light regulation in their first high-profile appearance on Capitol Hill. Republicans largely agreed, while Democrats urged tougher scrutiny of the booming industry.
  • Pandora Papers | Letter from the editor

Why The Post published the Pandora Papers investigation

Executive Editor Sally Buzbee’s letter about the Pandora Papers and The Washington Post’s findings
  • 20 hours ago

The industries where workers quit the most

The Great Resignation continued into October with 4.2 million Americans quitting their jobs. Here are the industries most impacted.

House Democrats denounce South Dakota, other U.S. states as hubs for financial secrecy

Lawmakers at the House subcommittee hearing called for more transparency and enforcement by regulators and others, saying the United States must not invite ill-gotten wealth once harbored in notorious global financial hubs.

4.2 million Americans quit their jobs in October as workers continued to search for better opportunities

The high quits numbers are a reflection of what is perhaps the most worker-friendly climate in decades.

Claudia Levy, Washington Post journalist and advocate for women in the newsroom, dies at 77

She helped bring an anti-discrimination complaint against The Post in the 1970s as women battled for pay equity as well as promotion.

What you should know about the federal vaccine mandates

The mandates for federal employees, federal contractors, health-care workers and others have stirred political and legal brawls across the nation.

Libation frustrations: Holiday supply chain problems hit the beverage industry

From beer to soft drinks, consumers will see beverage shortages on grocery shelves into next year.

Yes, debt collectors can now contact you on social media. No, they can’t post that you owe money.

What’s next for many of these families could be a barrage of calls, and now messages on their social media accounts from debt collection companies as the result of new debt collection rules. Here's what you need to know about your rights.

Biden calls for sweeping new push to expose and punish financial corruption

The administration said it would work with Congress to bring more scrutiny to trust companies, lawyers and other financial gatekeepers, seek to identify owners “hiding behind opaque” corporations and target those involved in real estate transactions used to hide or launder money.
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