Live Nation subsidiaries got millions in aid meant for independent venues

Congress wrote a covid relief law that tried to block the firm from accessing money. But the Small Business Administration still gave money to companies in which it has a significant investment. The Washington Post's investigation highlights the disconnect between lawmakers who approve funding and the federal agencies that spend it.

Ron Rice, ‘Suntan King’ who founded Hawaiian Tropic, dies at 81

The former “mountain boy” from North Carolina built an empire of sun-care products, promoting his lotions and oils through star-studded beauty pageants.

Even as gas prices rattle economy, Americans can’t stay off the road

The shocks of high fuel costs are ricocheting through the economy.

S&P 500 briefly tips into a bear market in volatile session

The major stock indexes bounced wildly before staging a late comeback.

Elon Musk calls claims of sexual misconduct ‘politically motivated’

A report in Business Insider describes allegations by a SpaceX flight attendant who accused Musk of exposing himself and propositioning her. Musk called the report a politically motivated attack.

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Inflation-linked U.S. bonds crashed the TreasuryDirect website

Inflation-linked I savings bonds paying 9.62 percent interest are so popular right now that the Treasury Department is being swamped with calls, causing long wait times.

Baby formula plant may be open within a week, FDA commissioner says

The House hearing comes after President Biden announced he was invoking the Defense Authorization Act to spur production.

Inflation, rate hike fears push stocks lower in up-and-down trading

The Dow falls more than 200 points while the S&P 500 threatens to cross into a bear market.

U.S. may be barreling toward recession in next year, more experts say

"Recession risks are high — uncomfortably high — and rising," one leading economist says.

In coal country, a new chance to clean up a toxic legacy

"If your sludge has value, why throw it in the garbage can?" Researchers explore ways to extract highly sought cobalt, nickel and rare earths from coal mining waste.
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Mortgage rates dip, but the change ‘isn’t a trend,’ expert says

Rates continue to be elevated above the familiar days when they hovered around 3 percent.

Why Biden is using the Defense Production Act for the baby formula shortage

The White House’s use of a Cold War-era law reflects the magnitude of the supply crunch that has left many parents scrambling for formula.

Weak earnings, inflation fears send Dow sliding more than 1,100 points

Target shares plummet 25 percent as rising costs weigh on financial results.

Martin Shkreli, Wall Street’s ‘Pharma Bro,’ is out of prison early

Shkreli has been released from an Allenwood, Pa., prison early and is being taken by a friend to a halfway house, according to a statement from his lawyer.

Google’s Russian unit to file for bankruptcy, citing asset seizure

The tech giant, which already paused most of its operations in the country, says it cannot pay workers or carry out other basic business operations.

McDonald’s, Wendy’s accused of beefing up burgers in ads

McDonald's and Wendy's are the latest fast-food chains to be hit with lawsuits alleging consumers were misled by ads that showed bigger burgers with more toppings.
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