(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Relief bill is most significant legislation for Black farmers since Civil Rights Act, experts say

The Senate-passed stimulus bill aims to compensate Black farmers for systemic racism.

What you need to do to get the third stimulus payment of up to $1,400

A third round of checks is coming for millions of Americans. Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions about economic relief.

Oprah Winfrey’s Prince Harry and Meghan interview netted her $7 million and 17 million viewers. It also validated her larger business strategy.

By selling the interview to CBS, she again demonstrated her shrewdness is finding the right platform, wherever it might be.

Burger King sparks uproar with ‘Women belong in the kitchen’ tweet, ad on International Women’s Day

The fast food giant was attempting to promote a culinary scholarship program to combat gender disparity in the restaurant industry.

Chamber of Commerce endorses Gary Gensler to serve as SEC chair

The business lobby’s support for the industry scourge comes as a surprise.

Booming furniture sales mean ‘unprecedented’ delays for sofas and desks

Demand for home furnishings has been an unexpected bright spot for retailers. But supply chain hiccups — and a shortage of shipping containers — persist.

With Derek Chauvin’s trial, Court TV is back

The network that thrived in the era of O.J. Simpson and the Menendez is back with a trial for a new era.

The business winners in Biden’s relief package: Restaurants, concert venues and airplane manufacturers

The $1.9 trillion package includes billions in relief for hard-hit industries, though many corporate interests asking for aid got snubbed.

Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty and favoring individuals over businesses

The $1.9 trillion package enjoys wide support across the country, polls show, but it comes with political and economic risks.

Calculate how much you would get from the expanded child tax credit

The expansion could benefit as many as 83 million children and reduce the number of children living in poverty by more than 40%.

Chamber of Commerce declines to rebuke members of Congress who voted to overturn 2020 election

The business lobby is taking the position that lawmakers should not be judged solely on their vote to overturn a legitimate democratic election.

Calculate how much you would get from the $1,400 (or more) coronavirus checks

The third round of stimulus checks will be the largest so far.

White House fires Trump EEOC official after she refuses to step down

The move is part of a push to oust controversial Trump appointees who were seen by some Democrats as hostile to the mission of the agencies they served.

Ten years ago, 241 Texas power plants couldn’t take the cold. Dozens of them failed again this year.

More than 30 Texas power plants failed during a 2011 winter freeze and again in 2021, despite warnings about the need to winterize their equipment.

Powerful lawmaker calls F-35 fighter jet a ‘rathole,’ suggests Pentagon should cut its losses

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wa.) said the U.S. military look for ways to reduce its dependence on the F-35 fighter jet, a notoriously expensive weapons platform.
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