The departure comes after the Hollywood Reporter reported this month that Tsujihara had tried to find roles for an actress with whom he had a sexual relationship.
In a memo to employees, CEO David Solomon also outlined steps for boosting the number of women in the company’s senior ranks.
Alan Krueger
He was known for research into the opioid crisis, the gig economy and the minimum wage.
Elon Musk speaks before unveiling Tesla’s Model Y crossover SUV at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, Calif., on Thursday. (AP)
Elon Musk speaks before unveiling Tesla’s Model Y crossover SUV at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, Calif., on Thursday. (AP)
The spiraling conflict with the Securities and Exchange Commission could throw the $50 billion car company further into uncertainty and imperil Musk’s ability to remain as Tesla chief.
There comes a time when you must start taking mandatory distributions from certain retirement accounts even if you don’t need the money.

Trump has used this tactic of lashing out at local union leaders before when blue-collar jobs that he promised to save end up going away.

The failure of social media companies to block videos of Friday's massacre in New Zealand highlights the difficulties of policing platforms whose very business model creates the systems that are so easily manipulated.

Amazon has joined other companies navigating the line between doing business and censoring it, amid false claims about autism and vaccinations.

When it comes to aircraft, Boeing has long been the government’s favorite.

Leaders of the American Economic Association pledged major reforms as a survey of 9,000 economists revealed widespread mistreatment of women and minorities in the profession.

On Monday, the university will launch the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, a sprawling think tank that aims to become an interdisciplinary hub.

A new recut or repackaged version of the video showing the massacre was uploaded to YouTube every second, chief product officer Neal Mohan said in an interview with The Washington Post, offering the first detailed account of how the crisis unfolded inside the world’s largest video site.

Investigators raised concerns about possible role of anti-stall device in October crash in Indonesia, and experts say it will get new attention after another crash in Ethiopia.

The worldwide telecommunications systems make it easy — and profitable — for such scams, computer scientist says.

Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing’s chief executive, took home just over $30 million last year, a $6 million increase from the year before, according to a filing late Friday with the Securities and Exchange C...

  • Analysis

Just look at the earnings data.

Dick’s is pulling guns and ammunition off the shelves of 125 of its 720 stores.

The spread of graphic images from the mass slaughter raises questions about social media safeguards during breaking news events.

Reston-based government services giant SAIC has announced that long-time chief executive Tony Moraco is to retire. Replacing him is Nazzic Keene, who served most recently as chief operating officer at the company.

Ikea’s branch in Israel partnered with disability rights groups to design add-ons for some of their most popular products.

  • Perspective

The aerospace giant’s stock lifted the Dow to record heights. Will two plane crashes hurt its reputation and long-term revenue prospects?

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