Google CEO Sundar Pichai agreed to participate in the unscheduled hearing in response to a request from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), who like other Republicans has accused Google of silencing right-leaning news, views and users.
Unless another company successfully protests the award, Boeing's Arlington-based defense division will be responsible for replacing the Air Force's aging fleet of UH-1N Huey helicopters.
The surge came after a prediction from JPMorgan Chase that oil prices could spike to $90 a barrel in upcoming months, especially if the United States does not allow its trading partners to buy Iranian oil. President Trump has tweeted several times to call on OPEC to lower prices by increasing production.
(Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)
(Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)
How much should AT&T and Verizon pay to access public utility poles as they put up 5G cell sites? A proposed FCC rule could set new limits.
The transaction is valued at $3.5 billion and would create one of the country's largest audio entertainment companies, Pandora said.

"Life Itself," from the creator of "This Is Us," seemed to have everything going for it. So what happened?

Eddie Lampert’s latest attempts may provide a short-term life line, but analysts said that it is not a sustainable plan for a company that has failed to reinvent itself for an era of online shopping.

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A new survey finds women tend to score better on a list of leadership traits. Despite these votes of confidence in their qualities, women increasingly doubt voters are ready to elect them.

The injuries may reflect a fraction of Salt Lake City’s injured riders, doctors say.

A Chicago company scrambles to move manufacturing out of China, eyes possible price hikes and job cuts.

Fears about the situation at Duke’s L.V. Sutton power plant near Wilmington have been growing since before Hurricane Florence made landfall.

The $40 billion buy will make Comcast, which owns NBC and Universal Pictures, the world’s largest pay-TV operator with about 52 million customers.

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Brad Wheedleton got a bright idea when he saw the long line for buying collectibles at Nationals Park.

Officials reportedly had planned to send a high-ranking official and a delegation to Washington.

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Yes, the iPhone XS is the best iPhone ever. But if you wait a month, you could save $250. unveiled some 70 new devices and capabilities for its Alexa product line at its Seattle headquarters Thursday. Like a rebooted Sharper Image catalogue, Amazon is adding its talking artificial intelligence to a microwave, a wall clock, a wall plug, cars and more.

Investors believe aging bull market has room to run.

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If you’re low-income, having bad or no credit can make you even more financially unstable, according to new research by the Urban Institute.

Vera Jourova said that she received an “influx of hatred” on the popular platform.

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The Pew Research Center tallied density by gender across a number of fields.

The electric, low-speed vehicles are expected to accept passengers in December.

European officials are investigating whether Amazon's growing third-party marketplace is giving it an unfair leg up.

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