A color-wheel puzzle

Watercolors is a fun and fluid puzzle game that calls back to your finger painting days but also requires a bit of logic. The rules here are simple: Move paint dots around the board to color in their corresponding circles. But you have to be careful how you go; these paints will mix. If you cross a blue path with a yellow one, then you’ll be painting the town green before you know it. The challenge, then, is to get the order just right, so that everything ends up in its place. Players are rewarded for completing the puzzles with as few separate strokes as possible.

The puzzles start off a little slow, but they get trickier — and every once in a while you’ll come across one that will really leave your brain buzzing. Once you’ve finished the game’s 90 free levels, you can opt to buy more. Or if you really like a challenge, you can also try out the time trial levels, which pit you against the clock as well as the color wheel. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama