‘Curb’ has some problems to work out, though, when it comes to the availability of drivers.
An app that lets you ‘e-hail’ a taxi

Curb is a new version of Taxi Magic, one of several mobile apps that work with local cab and driver companies to “e-hail” your next ride — a sort of answer to private car services and ride-share companies such as Uber and Lyft. In its latest incarnation, the app is updated with a cleaner, more streamlined look. As with other driving apps, Curb can identify where you are, shows what cabs are nearby and lets you enter your final destination for a fare estimate. Users have the option to store their credit-card information in the app or to pay by cash.

All of that sounds great. In practice, the app has problems to work out when it comes to the availability of drivers. The app boasts 35,000 drivers on board, but users may find their results vary a lot by location. In my use of Curb, it often took at least 10 minutes to find a driver. — in which time several cabs zoomed by on the streets of D.C. Free, for Android and iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama