Get real-time updates on your stock portfolio

Wall St. Scanner, a free app from OnO Apps, is great for investors who want to keep a close eye on their stocks throughout the day. The app pulls information from thousands of sources for real-time information on a user’s portfolio of stocks. You can set the number of daily notifications you want — an unlimited amount — on price, news, Twitter chatter, stock buzz and what analysts are saying about the stock.

Wall St. Scanner also aims to give investors a glimpse of what tomorrow holds, although it works about as well as you’d expect from a forecast, which is to say some but not all of the time. Over the few days I used the app, the forecast, which gives odds on whether the stock will go up or down, was right about 55 percent of the time.

The app lagged at times, probably because it was processing a great deal of information, and users should be aware that push notifications can eat up the battery life. If you’re looking for a free, powerful stock monitor app, check out Wall St. Scanner. It’s free for iOS devices; an Android version is in development.

Hayley Tsukayama