Screen shots of the Entitle app for Android. (
Books on demand

It’s easier than ever for movie-lovers to get the things they want on demand. But what about readers? With Entitle, a Web service and app, the literati now have an option. Users get two books a month for $9.99, from a library of more than 125,000 books. Plus, you can keep them forever, even if you cancel the service. You can sign up online and have access to bestsellers and some new releases — something that movie services often can’t boast. Plans start at $9.99 for two books, and go up to $19.99 for four.

Sure, it’s more expensive than the library, but probably cheaper than your bookstore habit. Users can read on iOS and Android devices as well as Nook and Kobo readers — even Amazon’s Kindle Fire, if you follow some simple instructions from the site. Free, for iOS and Android devices; does require membership.

Hayley Tsukayama