Ever wanted to just pick a place on the map and go? Visit a City's designed to make that dream as close to reality as possible. This travel app has suggested itineraries for cities around the world, from Accra to Zagreb. Sure, some cities have more comprehensive guides than others, but all of those listed in the app have at least some suggestions — often accompanied by reviews from travelers who've gone before you. You can add locations important to your journey, such as your hotel or restaurant, to get a clearer picture of how long you'll really be spending in transit.

Sign up with your email, Facebook or Google account to save itineraries as you plan. You can also download guide data for a particular city to access offline, in case your journeys take you off the beaten path. (Or, at least, away from your preferred cell network.) Having those on hand is convenient for mapping out all you've planned to do, or for ditching your best-laid plans for a moment of travel serendipity. This app's great whether you're exploring London, Omaha or Kuala Lumpur.

Free, for iOS and Android devices.

Hayley Tsukayama