Tipbit allows users to search for e-mails by date range and links e-mail to calendars and contacts.
Mobile e-mail for business people

E-mail on mobile devices is still not a great experience. You can read your e-mail, sure. But when it comes doing anything more than that and maybe a quick reply, you may long for your PC. Tipbit was founded by a former Microsoft executive from the Exchange team to fix that. The app has several features that seem built for business people, including options to search for e-mails by date range and whether they have an attachment. It also links e-mail to users’ calendars, contacts and social networks (with permission) to make it easy to set up meetings or do research on the people you’re seeing in your next meeting. It integrates with Dropbox or Evernote and has features similar to Mailbox, which lets users choose a time to read e-mails later — the messages disappear and then float back into your inbox at the appropriate time.

For the app to work at its best, users have to grant it a lot of access — to their contacts and calendars, to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox or Evernote — and while that integration is handy, it doesn’t always function as planned. Overall, Tipbit is a great e-mail manager and works with a variety of services including Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Exchange and Outlook and Yahoo mail. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama