Immigration agents have tapped into a vast, privately maintained database of license plate numbers gleaned from vehicles across the United States to track down people who may be in the country illegally, according to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union. The database contains billions of records on vehicle locations captured from red-light and speed-limit cameras as well as from parking lots and toll roads that use the nearly ubiquitous and inexpensive scanners to monitor vehicle comings and goings.

Purdue Pharma’s chief executive said the company is considering bankruptcy as it faces a cascade of lawsuits alleging that the drugmaker played a key role in driving the nation’s opioid crisis, including aggressively and deceptively marketing the powerful painkiller OxyContin.

Wells Fargo chief executive Tim Sloan was scolded by lawmakers who said the bank had not done enough to rehabilitate itself after years of scandals about its practices toward customers. Some called for Sloan to be fired. The next day, the bank’s board of directors gave Sloan a 5 percent raise, increasing his total compensation to $18.4 million. Of that, $2 million is an “annual incentive award” — in other words, a bonus. Sloan’s pay is now 283 times the median pay of the bank’s more than 200,000 employees.

Virginia-based Lumber Liquidators, one of the largest flooring retailers in the country, has agreed to pay a $33 million penalty for misleading investors about formaldehyde-laced laminate flooring from China.

Spotify, the music streaming service, accused Apple of abusing its control over its App Store and unfairly “taxing” apps such as Spotify that compete with Apple’s service in an antitrust complaint to the European Commission.

Facebook’s top executive in charge of all products, Chris Cox, the longtime confidant of Mark Zuckerberg, is leaving the company, the highest-level departure at the tech giant amid a controversial shift to combine its social media platforms.


Puerto Rico has started cutting benefits paid out by a food stamps program used by more than 1 million of its residents, as federal lawmakers have not provided the island with additional emergency disaster funding amid opposition from the Trump administration.

Gary Cohn, President Trump’s former top economic adviser, says the president is “desperate” to reach a trade deal with China. “The president needs a win,” Cohn said in an interview with Freakonomics, a public radio show and podcast. Trump expects a China deal to boost the stock market, which has treaded water for the past year, the former aide said.


Emma Haruka Iwao, a Google employee, has broken the Guinness world record for calculating the most digits of Pi. Iwao and a Google team computed Pi to 31.4 trillion decimal places or Pi multiplied by 10 to the 13th power, ousting the previous record set in 2016 of 22.4 trillion digits.