Company: Speakerbox.

Location: McLean.

Number of employees: 17.

Jennifer Edgerly already knows how she’ll be spending Friday afternoons this summer: Buying groceries, doing laundry and taking care of her 5-month-old daughter.

And there’s one more thing.

“Once all that’s done, I’m hoping my husband and I can have a little happy hour on the back porch,” said Edgerly, a senior account manager at SpeakerBox.

The McLean-based public relations firm allows employees to leave work four hours early every other Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Employees generally make up the lost time by working an extra 30 minutes every day, according to Lisa Throckmorton, executive vice president of the company.

“Our team works really hard and we like to find creative ways to reward the time they put in,” Throckmorton said, adding that the company has offered summer hours since 2002.

Ali Robinson, an accounts supervisor, spent last summer planning her wedding. This year, she said she hopes to spend Friday afternoons lounging by the pool.

“It’s a bit of free time to myself,” Robinson said. “It always seems like summers are so busy — there are more parties, more get-togethers, more things you want to do.”

For John Terrill, a senior media specialist, summer Fridays have evolved over the years. When he first began working at SpeakerBox six years ago, he used his afternoons to get a head start on weekend getaways. But when he and his wife bought a house four years ago, summer afternoons became the perfect time to pull weeds and till soil.

This year, he plans to run errands and take his rescue dog to veterinarian appointments on Friday afternoons.

“To be honest,” Terrill said, “I’d probably be completely lost if I ever got a job without summer hours.”