As both the federal government and its contractors face budget constraints and restricted spending, one area remains a beacon of growth and possibility: information technology.

Federal agencies’ investment in IT continues to grow, reflecting their commitment to making the fulfillment of agency goals easier and more cost efficient. Three upcoming competitions in the defense and civilian sectors help highlight agencies’ continued need for IT equipment and services:


The Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 3 Services contract is to provide a full range of IT services for the Army to support its infrastructures need for organizations worldwide.

The ITES-3S competition is anticipated to include a maximum of 24 prime contracts. Up to 14 may be reserved for small businesses, with up to three each awarded to businesses located in historically underused business zones and those owned by women and service-disabled veterans.

Up to 10 additional contracts could be awarded for the best overall proposals, without regard to business size.

Deltek expects the awarded prime contracts to have durations of five base years, plus one four-year option period, for a total value of $12 to $20 billion.

ITES-3S has 16 incumbent vendors that were awarded prime contracts under the previous iteration, ITES-2S.

Deltek estimates a solicitation release in June 2014.

Homeland Security

The Centralized Operations, Maintenance and Management Information Technology Services contract is meant to provide agency organizations with applications development, integration and sustainment, independent technical assistance and program services, operation and maintenance, policy support and quality assurance.

COMMIT is to be an unrestricted competition.

The awarded contracts are expected to last for five years total, with one base year and four additional one-year option periods. We expect this procurement to have a total value of $500 million, based on incumbent spending.

Deltek estimates a solicitation release in July 2014.


Defense Logistics Agency Enterprise IT Solutions will provide IT services, technical and management expertise and other enterprise IT solutions.

DLA J6 is new, and the contract period is projected to be five years: one base year with four additional one-year options. The government anticipates the total amount of all orders placed against all contracts awarded will not exceed $482 million.

Deltek estimates a solicitation release in July 2014.

Ashley Bergander is research manager at Herndon-based Deltek, which conducts research on the government contracting market and can be found at

Source: Deltek

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Future IT Contracts

The three upcoming contract competitions in the defense and civilian sectors show the federal government’s continued investment in information technology equipment and services. Below shows Deltek’s third- and fourth-quarter solicitations estimates, in billions, for fiscal year 2014.