Company: JBS International.

Local offices: North Bethesda, Vienna, Laurel.

Number of employees: 300 locally; about 400 nationally. .

Five years ago, John Reimer and his wife went snorkeling in Fiji. They spent 10 days on a private island and stayed at a bungalow on the beach.

“It was the trip of a lifetime,” said Reimer, an IT asset manager. “It has become our point of comparison. Anywhere we go now, we’re like, ‘That was a .75 Fiji trip.’ ”

The plane tickets were a gift from Reimer’s employer, JBS International. The company also gave him $1,500 toward his vacation.

The IT consulting firm gives employees two round-trip tickets to any destination of their choosing after they have been at the company for 15 years. Credit card points from JBS’s corporate account are used to purchase the tickets.

“It just seemed that 15 years was such a special occasion,” said Jerri Shaw, the company’s president and co-chief executive. “If you’ve weathered that many years with us, we figured we should do something to celebrate.”

Eleven employees have qualified for trips so far, according to Holly Brooks, the company’s marketing director. For one employee, it was her first time on an airplane.

“This is one gift that every single person who’s gotten it has used,” said Lynne MacArthur, the company’s vice president, who celebrated her 15th anniversary with a safari excursion in Kenya.

Terrie Young and her partner used the award to fly business-class to Mauritius. They spent two weeks vacationing on the island and stopped in Paris on the way back.

“We went snorkeling and to the mountains,” said Young, director of the JBS’s design center. “And every other day, we just laid on the beach. It was amazing.”