Company: Camden Property Trust.

Locations: 16 offices in the Washington area.

Number of employees: 1,800 nationwide.

Joelle Salviati’s apartment building has three swimming pools and two fitness rooms. The market value of her one-bedroom digs: $1,020.

What she pays after an employee discount: $879.

“It’s a major benefit,” said Salviati, a leasing consultant at Camden Property Trust. “That discount alone got me to live there.”

Salviati, who lived with her parents before moving into Camden Lansdowne in Leesburg, said she considered renting bedrooms in townhomes and other properties. But Camden’s employee discount kept pulling her back.

The apartment management company gives full-time employees a 20 percent break on its apartments that employees can use for themselves or pass on to their parents or children. (Part-time employees receive 10 percent discounts.)

“It helps a lot when people have children in college, or if their parents are elderly,” said Sarah Barletta, vice president of benefits. She estimated that about one-fifth of the company’s employees use the housing discount.

Employees also have the option of renting vacation suites at a variety of the company’s buildings — in places such as Orlando, Austin and Las Vegas — for $20 a night. The furnished one- and two-bedroom suites come with linens, dishes and other amenities.

“It’s a very popular perk,” Barletta said. “Everyone really takes advantage of it.”

Audra Shinnebarger, a community manager at Camden, said she often rents suites in downtown Washington on nights when she’s going out to dinner or celebrating with friends.

“I used to live in Rockville, so it was just a really convenient thing to do,” she said.

Shinnebarger currently lives in a Camden apartment in College Park, where she has a two-level townhome.

“I would definitely have to have a smaller apartment if I didn’t get this discount,” Shinnebarger said, adding that she saves about $400 a month.