Employees: 53

by Sarah Halzack

The conference room in Intelligenesis’s Columbia office is typically used as a training facility for its engineers and intelligence analysts. But two Fridays ago, the room was filled with pajama-clad kids watching “Frozen” and “Monsters University” on a massive projector screen.

Intellegenesis held the first-ever installment of its Parents Night Out, an event in which the company hired babysitters for several hours to watch employees’ kids at the office so parents could enjoy a night out on the town.

Kristen Hux, the company’s office coordinator, said parents took advantage of the time in different ways.

“We did encourage them to do something [as a group], but a lot of them really wanted to have that time to spend with their significant other,” Hux said.

Even though the kids’ event didn’t go overnight, it had a pajama party theme, so attendees were invited to wear sleepwear and to bring a sleeping bag and a stuffed animal.

In addition to the movies, babysitters had plenty of entertainment on hand for the children, who ranged in age from three to 12. There were craft projects, coloring books, board games and card games. Intelligenesis also provided pizza, popcorn and other snacks.

Organizers received so much positive feedback after the event they are now looking into ways to do it more regularly.

“We actually had one parent that was like, ‘I have been looking forward to this all week,’” Hux said.

She said the event was organized as a way to demonstrate the company’s emphasis on work/life balance.

“We end up becoming one big family, as opposed to just multiple families that work together,” Hux said.