Company: Maga Design.

Location: Washington.

Employees: 25.

Juraj Mihalik’s wedding reception had all the trappings of a swanky urban fete — towering cherry blossom centerpieces, mood lighting, an outdoor cocktail area and great catering.

“Most of the [guests] had no idea it’s an office space,” Mahalik said.

And it’s not just any office space. Mihalik’s wedding party was in the Washington office of Maga Design, the company where he works as a visual designer. Yes, that’s right: He had his wedding celebration at the office.

Maga Design, a District-based strategic communication consultancy, regularly offers up its workspace for special events for its staffers and the surrounding community. The company specializes in visual thinking and information design, so it is no surprise its workspace is outfitted with many more creative touches than your typical cubical farm. Elaborate teal chandeliers dangle from the ceiling. Below, a wall is decked with boxwood shrubs and white ceramic fists that look like they have punched through the wall. You can take a seat on ornate white leather couches, known around the office as the “‘Alice in Wonderland’ furniture.” The bifold doors of the ground-level Adams Morgan property open out to the sidewalk, making it easy to connect the interior space and the neighborhood.

Maga has used its high-concept space to host happy hours for the community featuring music and a palm reader. Employees who work as “graphic recorders” have been known to draw pictures of events as they happen. The company has also welcomed local bands to play concerts in their office. The rates to use the space vary based on how involved Maga is in the event and how closely it ties into its business.

Elizabeth Pfeifer, Maga’s chief of staff, said that using the space for a mix of business and social events fits well with Maga’s general emphasis on work/life balance.

“It’s very business-like,” Pfiefer said. “We are driven people, but at any moment, somebody may pull out the Nerf gun.”