More than $13 billion in large and small-business contracts with the federal government is likely to come up for competition in the three-month period ending September.

These requirements are meant to improve efficiency and decrease the cost of services across and between federal agencies. Requirements range from health systems to professional services, all in IT. Several are recurring requirements, while one is a new competition.

Here are three notable contracts we anticipate for competition in the federal government’s fourth quarter.


The Defense Systems Integration, Design, Development, Operations & Maintenance Support IV contract is to provide systems integration, design and development, and operations and maintenance to the military’s health system, system components and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

D/SIDDOMS IV is anticipated to be an unrestricted competition, with contracts awarded for a one-year base and nine additional option periods. The acquisition is still in the very early stages, and the Defense Department is still discussing procurement timelines. An industry day is tentatively scheduled for early July.

The estimated total value of the 20 incumbent contracts is $8 billion over 10 years. Deltek anticipates the next contract to be of similar or greater value.

Deltek currently estimates a solicitation release for September.


The Professional and Technical Support Services Contract Vehicle program will provide professional and technical support to consolidate contracts and reduce costs and administrative overhead at the Commerce Department.

PROTECH will provide support for ocean, satellite, meteorological and enterprise operations.

The draft acquisition strategy is based on full and open competition to award multiple indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts, with the majority of the contract awards reserved for small businesses.

The agency anticipates a ceiling value of $3 billion. Deltek expects a solicitation in September.


Hybrid Information Technology Services for State II is to provide technical services support for operating systems, hardware and software. Services are currently provided by 20 incumbent vendors.

Deltek expects multiple blanket purchase agreements to be awarded to General Services Administration Schedule 70 holders who are small and disadvantaged businesses.

This program is anticipated to include several tracks. Track 1 would include awards to Small Business Administration 8(a) Program participants only. Track 2 would include awards made to other small and disadvantaged contractors: businesses in historically underused zones; those owned by service-disabled veterans, women and economically disadvantaged women; and other small businesses, in order of priority.

Previous HITSS contracts had a total value of $2 billion and duration of one year, with four option periods. Deltek anticipates HITSS II will have similar or greater value. Deltek estimates a solicitation in August.

Ashley Bergander is a research manager for Herndon-based Deltek, which conducts analysis on the government contracting market and can be found at