Bozzuto trains its front desk workers on how to interact with residents using three interaction models: “GUEST,” “SERVE” and the “15:5 Rule.”


“GUEST” is the model for greeting residents, prospective residents and guests:

Greet with a smile.

Use the guest’s first na me.

Establish the resident or
guest’s need.

Show interest in him or her.

Thank the guest.

Wais Khairzada recommends ending each interaction with the phrase: “Is there anything else I can get for you?”


“SERVE” is the model for when there is a problem:

Show empathy.

Establish need.

R espond quickly.

Verify satisfaction.

Evaluate and follow-up.

15:5 Rule

When someone is within 15 feet, a concierge acknowledges his or her presence, makes eye contact and smiles. When the resident is within five feet, a concierge should begin the “GUEST” interaction model.

BMC Dress Code

For men: Dress pants, no cuff with plain front, cuffs for pleated; spread-collar dress shirt; ties in a color that matches some element of the lobby decor; belts should not run past the second loop; jackets should be black, gray or navy.

For women: Dress slacks must be worn as part of a suit; skirts and dresses should be no shorter than three inches above the knee; no more than two earrings per ear; pumps should be no higher than four inches; ballet flats should have an embellishment.

— Kathy Orton