BroadSoft, the Gaithersburg-based telecommunications company, has acquired mPortal, a maker of customized mobile sites, for an undisclosed sum, the company said Thursday.

McLean-based mPortal is to become a new division at BroadSoft focused on creating customized mobile communications for clients, the company said.

BroadSoft is using the purchase to pivot away from its core business of designing software for cable providers and carriers to use to deliver voice, text and multimedia communications to their customers.

More organizations want a unique communication platform tailored to their needs instead of a streamlined, one-size-fits-all approach, said Taher Behbehani, BroadSoft’s chief marketing officer.

For example, a large institution such as a hospital would probably have different requirements for an internal communication application than a small business or a government agency, he said.

The idea of customization is not widespread in the communications industry because it is sometimes considered more expensive and time-consuming, Behbehani said. But the company’s clients are increasingly asking for these services, especially on mobile devices, he said.

MPortal’s chief executive, D.P. Venkatesh, will become vice president of the new division at BroadSoft, and the company’s 20 Washington-based employees will join BroadSoft’s local staff of 160.

The purchase of mPortal is BroadSoft’s second acquisition of a Washington-area company this year. BroadSoft also bought Falls Church-based Leonid Systems, an Internet phone service provider.

Behbehani said the company plans to make more local purchases, which he hopes will spur competition in Washington’s growing technology sector.

The company also expanded its European operations in 2013 by buying two rivals: Hipcom in the United Kingdom and Finocom in Germany.

Sales at BroadSoft rose 27 percent in the last quarter from the same period a year ago, and it posted a narrower loss than the previous year.