Whether you’re an Apple devotee or partial to Google’s Android operating system, here are some must-have apps for entrepreneurs on the go. Use them to capture your next brilliant thought, connect with your customers, organize your operations, avoid speeding tickets and improve your short game.

XMind (free): “This app is a great tool for visually organizing your thoughts. It has most of the functionality of Mindmanager, a more comprehensive tool that can also be accessed online via mindjet.com and works on a PC, a Mac and via the Web, but costs $249.” — Brent Goldfarb, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship.

TripIt (free, $3.99 for upgraded features): “All entrepreneurs need to download TripIt. This is a must-have app to help you organize all of your business trips, including where you are staying, what airline you are flying, what company you are renting a car from, etc.” — Glen Hellman, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship Board of Advisors and principal, Driven Forward, a firm that supports entrepreneurs and venture investors.

iPing (app: free, cradle: $30): “For entrepreneurs who need some practice before they go off networking on the golf course or for those golf enthusiasts who just need a little putting help — this is a great app. Load your iPing app and attach your iPod or iPhone to your club using the cradle, then putt away and get critiques on how to improve your short game.”— Harry Geller, entrepreneur-in-residence, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

JotNot ($1.99): “No need for a scanner when you sign your deal docs. Use JotNot to scan, organize and share important documents. Great for capturing your latest whiteboard brainstorms to distribute to your team.”— Elana Fine, associate director, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

(Screengrab of Trapster)

GroupMe (free): “This app is a quick and easy way to start a group chat on any phone. It’s a conference call without any of the hassle.”— Ken White, executive communication coach and assistant dean of marketing communications.

Trapster (free): “Another must-have for the entrepreneur who is always rushing from one place to the next. Trapster is an app that’ll tell you where speed traps and road hazards are posted on your route.”— Hellman

Kindle App (free): “Get the Kindle app and be able to instantly read the hot, new entrepreneurial books without having to lug them around with you.”— Geller

Evernote (free): “Keep your notes in the cloud and be able to access them from any device or platform. As long you have an Internet connection, you’ll have access to your files – which could come in handy for that chance meeting with a potential investor.”— Fine

Extra: Evernote premium ($45 per year): Includes keyword indexes and it’s compatible with PDF files so all docs can be scanned in, backed up on the cloud and searchable like any Google search on your own private Internet. — Hellman

Brain Challenge ($4.99): “This app has several puzzles and games to help keep your brain sharp. Quick thinking skills are essential for entrepreneurs.” — Geller