As an institution that handles vast amounts of sensitive client data, Cardinal Bank considers its chief information officer position to be among its most important roles. Accordingly, the Tysons Corner-based company is hoping to move quickly to fill the open job.

Chief Operating Officer Alice Frazier spoke with Capital Business about the job and the kind of candidate Cardinal is seeking to fill it. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

How would you define the chief information officer’s role?

[The CIO] oversees our information technology and our information systems that we use throughout our mortgage and banking operations. [The CIO] also [has] responsibility for the back office operations of the bank itself. So we’re looking for that person to work collaboratively throughout the entire organization to understand the objectives and the goals of the company. So, if we’re trying to achieve loan growth or a particular type of deposit growth, how do we use our information technology platforms to achieve those goals?

The CIO reports to you. What do you expect from this person?

What I’m looking for is someone who’s a strategic and creative thinker. They have to be able to work upwards and work downwards. It’s got to be somebody who’s going to push up their sleeves and dig in, where necessary, but also be able to sit in a boardroom or with executives and think strategically about what’s happening in the industry, what’s changing in technology, and how we can apply it at the company.

On day one, what should be this person’s top priority?

We are fortunate to be in a position to be integrating a bank that we announced purchase of. [Cardinal is poised to acquire the holding company of Vienna-based Business Bank later this month.] So depending on when the job is filled, they’ll be stepping into that process. We’re looking for someone with experience with mergers and acquisitions. Being able to add value there, certainly, will be important on day one. From there, it’s building on the great things this company has already accomplished.

How will this person’s duties fit into the company’s broader strategic goals?

When we combine with Business Bank, we will be the largest community bank headquartered in the Washington metropolitan area. Our goal is to continue to remain in that position, and some of the way we do that is to use our technology to attract clients to the organization.