Company: Chevo Consulting.

Local offices: Rockville.

Number of employees: 43.

A display case at Chevy Consulting displays piggy banks that have been used to collect weekly donations. (Zaina Sahady/Courtesy of Chevo Consulting)

Beth Rabbin, an administrator at Chevo Consulting, spends the week thinking about what she’s going to wear to work on Friday.

“It’s nice to have the chance, once a week, to dress down,” Rabbin said, adding that she generally alternates between two pairs of jeans: one dark, one light.

Since late 2010, the Rockville company has been allowing employees to wear jeans on Fridays — but only if they donate $1 to charity.

“Even employees who don’t wear jeans on Friday contribute to the piggy bank,” said Jessica Dry, director of human resources. “It’s really changed the culture of the company. It’s brought us together.”

Every three months, Chevo employees pick a new charity to support, and an executive assistant decorates a piggy bank themed to match that charity.

“When we were donating to Wounded Warriors, we had a piggy bank that was wearing camouflage,” Rabbin said. “It was so adorable that the mailman came by to touch it every single week.”

This quarter, company donations are going to the March of Dimes, a non-profit that provides services for mothers and babies.

Chevo Consulting matches employee donations, which generally total between $150 and $200 each quarter.

“The charity part is great,” Rabbin said.

“And it’s also nice to be able to wear something different. It’s like, ‘Oh, I only have to come up with four work outfits this week and then I can wear my jeans.’”