Employees at Chaney Enterprises can cut their health insurance premiums in half by getting an annual physical. (Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Company: Chaney Enterprises.

Location: Waldorf.

Number of employees: 275.

Everyone in Steven Tripp’s family will be getting a physical this year.

“Myself, my wife, our four kids — all the way down to our brand new baby,” he said.

In exchange, Tripp’s employer will cut his health insurance premium in half.

“It’s like, boom, now you only owe $38 a week instead of $76,” said Tripp, a marketing manager. “It is literally cut in half.”

Chaney Enterprises, a concrete supplier based in Waldorf, has been offering its wellness program to employees for about four years. Approximately 90 percent of employees take part, according to the company’s benefits coordinator.

“It’s really a no-brainer,” said Sherry Santana, a community relations specialist. “If all I have to do is prove that I’d had a physical and taken a few classes, it really seemed obvious.”

In addition to the annual check-up, employees are required to complete an online health assessment every year and take two wellness-related classes on topics such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are offered by Chaney Enterprises.

Sabrina Largen, a retail sales manager, said the company’s wellness program inspired her to give up cigarettes three years ago.

“You obviously realize smoking is not good for you,” she said. “But when it’s thrown in your face year after year, it becomes a little bit harder to ignore.”

A few employees have reported that their lives were saved by their annual physicals, when doctors spotted illnesses they weren’t aware of, Tripp said.

“It’s a great program and it shows that the company plans on keeping its employees for a while,” he said. “We’re really hoping to keep people around — and to keep them alive.”