What does 2014 hold for federal contractors? A crop of agency-specific contract programs, including many we’ve seen before.

Deltek analyzed the top 20 federal opportunities for fiscal 2014, which represent an estimated $160.7 billion in total value, a rebound from the $92.2 billion total value of last year’s top opportunities. (Last year’s figure was the lowest total value since Deltek began publishing its annual report in 2006.)

If 2013 was the year of the government-wide acquisition contract, 2014 will be defined by recompetitions of agency-specific contract vehicles.

Look for these three other trends in 2014 contracts:

Consistent with historical trends, defense opportunities constitute the majority of this year’s list, totaling $118 billion. Defense opportunities account for 73 percent of the top 20 contracts’ total value, a significant increase from 2013.

Follow-on contracts, or recompetitions, continue to make up a majority of this year’s list. Six of the 2014 top 20 are new programs, totaling 19 percent of the total value.

The year is expected to offer a blend of professional services and IT procurements. Together, professional services contracts make up $73.2 billion in contract value, but individual IT opportunities are typically larger than services ones.

The three highest-value opportunities of 2014 are all Army contract vehicles:

Strategic Services Sourcing 2nd Generation

The S32G will replace the S3 program in support of government agencies at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The ceiling value is $30 billion, and Deltek estimates that procurement will begin in the spring.

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 3 Services

ITES-3S Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions is the follow-on contract to ITES-2S, and it covers Army enterprise infrastructure and IT services and equipment worldwide. The ceiling value is $25 billion, and Deltek anticipates a solicitation in March.

Rapid Response 4th Generation

R2-4G is a recompetition of the R2-3G program. As in the current program, contractors will provide rapid-response services for critical systems. The estimated ceiling value is $16.4 billion. The existing contract is set to end in July, teeing up a new procurement that Deltek expects next summer.

Government contractors looking to join new contract vehicles have options as well:

Train Educate and Coach

The new Army TEACH program will cover training and education services. Deltek estimates the ceiling value at $8 billion, and a solicitation is expected in January.

Research, Management, Assessment, Design and Analysis

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are responding to the Affordable Care Act with the RMADA contract vehicle. The ceiling value is $7 billion, and Deltek anticipates a solicitation late this year.

Professional and Technical Support Services

The new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pro-Tech contract vehicle will provide professional and technical support services. While Pro-Tech is planned to be a full and open competition, the government has said the majority of awards will be reserved for small businesses. The ceiling value is set at $5 billion. The government expects the solicitation later this year, and awards next year.

Jennifer Sakole is principal research analyst at Herndon-based Deltek, which analyzes the government contracting market and can be found at www.deltek.com.