The Washington Post Co. is selling its flagship newspaper but the paper is still looking to relocate and — with a slow local office market — developers are drawing up new office buildings, hoping to lure the company to their properties.

In the meantime, the newspaper, to be owned by Jeff Bezos, will lease back its current location from its former corporate parent.

Before the paper’s sale was announced, the Post’s real estate consultant, JM Zell Partners, gave developers a June 14 deadline to propose headquarters locations. Respondents estimate that some two dozen proposals were proposed, many of them in the NoMa neighborhood behind Union Station or the area around Nationals Park, dubbed Capitol Riverfront.

A Post spokeswoman declined to comment on the process or provide information on the proposals, but a number of the respondents agreed to share their visions for the Post headquarters, many of them adorned with the Post’s longtime corporate nameplate.

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