Organization: Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union.

Location: Germantown.

Employees: 70.

Employee feedback plays a big role in shaping the human resources strategy at Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, which serves Montgomery County.

Twice a year, the Germantown-based organization asks its staff to take an anonymous Web survey in an effort to get their take on how things are going at the office. Employees are urged to weigh in on a variety of topics, including everything from what they think of their manager to whether they’d refer a friend to work at the credit union.

“It’s trying to stay in tune with our staff,” said Theresa Elliott, vice president of human resources.

Elliott said the survey has inspired many changes at the organization over the years, including to its benefits plans and wellness programs. It also led the financial institution to relax its dress code from professional attire to business casual.

And sometimes, the questionnaires have served as a reminder that the littlest things can boost people’s happiness around the office. Elliott said that in one round of surveys she noticed that several people mentioned a broken toaster in the office pantry. She quickly made sure the appliance was replaced, an effort that cost less than $50.

“If that’s going to raise morale, then it’s money well spent,” Elliott said.

Even if no immediate action is taken based on the suggestions, Elliott said the company still tells employees at regular staff meetings that their comments in the surveys have been heard and considered.

“They see we’re making an effort. And I think that’s half the battle,” Elliott said.

Brittany Hilton, a marketing specialist at the credit union, said the questionnaire has been a helpful way for her to express her feelings about work. She said that for employees like her, who are somewhat new to the organization, going to a boss or human resources staffer with a problem can be a bit nerve-racking.

But with the anonymous survey, Hilton said, “Everyone can be very truthful as to how they feel.”