Outside the Old Post Office, Donald Trump and sons Eric Trump, left, Donald Trump Jr., right, and daughter Ivanka. The family is considering a bid for the FBI headquarters across the street. (Julia Schmalz/Bloomberg)

Donald Trump’s empire in the Washington area is growing.

There’s the Trump National Golf Club, in Loudoun County, which he purchased in 2009.

There’s the Kluge Winery and estate in Charlottesville, the last piece of which he bought last year.

And there’s the Old Post Office Pavilion, where his company inked a long-term lease this summer and plans a $200 million hotel.

Now that the Old Post Office deal with the General Services Administration is done, Trump said he is considering whether to pursue an even larger project across the street: redevelopment of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, a block to the east on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The FBI wants out of the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building. (Bonnie Jo Mount/WASHINGTON POST)

The FBI wants out of the dated, Brutalist-style building, so the GSA, which manages real estate for the federal government, is looking to swap it to a developer in exchange for a newly constructed FBI headquarters elsewhere in the region.

The GSA has begun gauging interest from developers and investors, and is expected to look for private sector partner later this year. Dorothy Robyn, the GSA’s commissioner of the Public Buildings Service, declined to offer specifics on next steps Tuesday.

Trump said he’s been eyeing the process and will be deciding whether to make a bid.

“We’ll be watching the FBI as to what’s going to happen,” Trump said in an interview Monday. “Whether or not we will bid on it, we may, we may not. Now if we do as good a job as we will do with [the Old Post Office], people may ask us about it.”

Trump said the timing for his company, the Trump Organization, would work well because when it completes the Old Post Office hotel near the end of 2015 or beginning of 2016, the FBI project could be ready to go.

The Trump Organization may be considered a long shot for the FBI project because it has not constructed any kind of secure federal campus previously. But it was considered an unlikely winner of the Old Post Office as well and in New York, Trump has built multiple mixed-use downtown projects the likes of which are contemplated for the Hoover site.

Trump said that if he and his daughter Ivanka, who is managing the Old Post Office, pull the hotel project off the way that they hope to it will boost their résumé for projects like the FBI.

“They’ll know how good we are even more,” he said.

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