I like to think I am an early adopter when it comes to new technology, but in a frugal sort of way.

I won’t rush out for the next great thing if the thing I already have is in perfectly good condition. In the go-go dotcom days, that was not a problem; computers quickly became obsolete.

Sorry, honey we just have to spend another $2,000 on a PC. We really need 2GB of RAM and that new dual-core processor.

More recently, the product cycles seem to have flattened as the world moved from hardware to software. The gizmos themselves held their value longer, so much so I began to take them for granted.

Until I suddenly realized I was living in the land of not good enough.

You know the feeling. You walk into your house day after day when it dawns on you that the rugs are kinda worn and you really should do something about that noisy dishwasher.

My technology is like that. I’ve become all too aware of their imperfections, no longer so tolerable of their daily aggravations.

There’s my cellphone, an early Android model that was one of the first to connect to one of those superfast 4G networks. It holds my entire life, but if I try to make or answer a call, the darn thing just goes into hibernation, like it couldn’t be bothered.

The browser on my first generation iPad crashes repeatedly. My BlackBerry feels like a relic.

I think the straw that broke my frugal back came when the home wireless router kept flaking out. Small wonder, I counted more than 10 gadgets trying to connect, and my kids are not even home!

I realized when shopping for a new one how out of practice I was. I had no idea what to buy. But a little Googling and a spin through some product reviews soon led me to my nirvana, a dual band gigabit beauty that delivers a Netflix stream to my TV like, pow!

Now, I’m ready for a full-on technology makeover. And just in time for the holiday shopping season. Umm, honey ...