Capital Business turned three last week, and for that we thank you dear reader.

According to the developmental handbooks, three-year-olds are no longer considered toddlers; we can stand on our own two feet.

Our sense of identity is growing.

We now know how to use plurals and pronouns.

Most of the time.

In starting this new business, we’ve learned from a great many of you. I often find myself, as I am editing a story, making little mental notes about how this business person or that handled a particular issue, learning as I go.

We, like you, have had to navigate a choppy economy and deal with the effects of events beyond our control. Last month, it was sequestration. Last week, bombings in Boston.

If anything, your resilience has been an inspiration to us.

We keep adapting, too. Since we have launched Capital Business, we’ve added on new Web channels for small business and information technology. We’ve co-sponsored live conferences, such as our session with the Trumps. We produced a sequestration survival guide.

And we’re not done. You’ll notice as you thumb through this week’s issue, we have made some adjustments. My note will now appear here, up front, in order to better frame the week to come or introduce special issues when appropriate.

We’ve adjusted our coverage of nonprofits. Stories about the operations of an organization will now appear in our news pages while coverage of charity events will be incorporated into our new Scene section, which will also allow us to pass on tidbits about other business events in town. Let us know if you have an event worth covering.

There are other, more subtle design changes, all geared toward giving us more flexibility to blow out a story when it deserves the space or cut back when it doesn’t.

We are continually striving to fine-tune our mix so we don’t waste your time, and provide the very best coverage of local business in this market.

Let us know what you think of the changes. We can always be reached at