Company: Corporate Network Services.

Local offices: Poolesville.

Number of employees: 48.

Getting hitched? You might qualify for an extra week of vacation at one area company.

Need a week off? If you work at Corporate Network Services, you might consider getting married.

The Poolesville IT consulting company gives employees a week of “marriage leave” to help with last-minute planning or post-wedding unwinding.

“We’re happy when our employees get married,” said Karen Kalantzis, chief executive of Corporate Network Services. “The week off is a little wedding gift for them.”

Jeremy Kaikko, a manager at the company, got married in September. He took time off before and after his wedding, but said he is saving his extra week for a honeymoon to the Dominican Republic later this year.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” said Kaikko, who gets three weeks of annual leave. “We can plan what we want for the rest of the year without having to worry about the honeymoon.”

The marriage leave policy, which has been in place for most of Corporate Network Services’ 18 years, is part of a broader effort to recognize employees’ personal milestones, Kalantzis said.

The company routinely organizes baby showers for its 48 employees and sends cards for illnesses, birthdays and home purchases.