Who: Tammy Cameron, chief of staff for legislative affairs, Boeing.

What: N Street Village, a Washington-based organization that assists homeless and low-income women get back on their feet.

Cameron is co-hosting the nonprofit’s fifth annual luncheon

on Wednesday.

How has your involvement in N Street Village influenced your thinking about public policy related to the homeless?

I know there are many programs and issues related to the homeless that get so much visibility, especially when services have to be cut. What impressed me about N Street Village is the continuum of care they offer. In policy discussions, sometimes we see one piece of a problem, and we become too focused on that one issue. But at N Street, I’ve learned that there are many issues, like medical services and trauma therapy, that must be addressed with these women or they will end up back on the street. I’ve learned that we can’t rely on shelters, because there are many underlying causes of homelessness.

Is there one particular project or service at N Street that has impressed you the most?

The knitting program, which allows the women to form a knitting circle and talk, which is very important for them emotionally. They need the support of their peers and this provides that. This is an example of something that can’t be captured in a piece of legislation. Unfortunately, I don’t knit [laughing].

Where do you see your involvement headed? What is the next step for you and this charity as you move forward?

One of my goals is to uncover an opportunity whereby I can use my knowledge and professional experiences to help the clients of N Street. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can make a contribution, which is very personal. I’m thinking I might develop a resume-writing workshop. I find that these types of interactions and contributions bring more personal gratification than just attending events.

— Interview with Stephanie Green