Company: Honest Tea.

Local offices: Bethesda.

Number of employees: 115.

It’s always snack time at Honest Tea, said Debra Schwartz, vice president of human resources.

Every three months, the company sends a box of 60 snacks — one for each workday — to its employees around the country.

And then the swaps begin.

“There is a bunch of trading that goes on when we first get the packs,” said Dan DeBord, a senior manager. “Like if somebody got barbecue flavored potato chips and somebody else has sour cream and onion. It can get pretty intense.”

Once the swaps are settled, DeBord takes his stash home and puts it in his pantry.

“That way I can ration it out a bit so I’m not snacking through it all in one day,” he said.

Honest Tea has been providing snack boxes for about four years. To save costs, Schwartz said the company barters for most of the snacks, which include organic, vegan and gluten-free items.

Kassidy Bohmeyer, a national account executive in Denver, said she gives her kids first dibs when a snack box arrives in the mail.

First, her 4-year-old raids it for peanut butter crackers. Then her 1-year-old searches for fruit strips.

“After that, I quickly grab what’s left and stick it in my car,” Bohmeyer said, adding that she keeps the snack box behind the passenger seat so it’s easily accessible when she’s on the road.

Two-thirds of Honest Tea’s employees work remotely. Schwartz says it was important for her to offer a workplace perk that everbody could enjoy, whether they were in the office or on an airplane.

“I have a rule that you don’t do for Bethesda what you don’t do for the workers on the field,” she said. “We want everyone to be able to open their drawer or their glove compartment and grab a healthy snack.”