In business, you never want to miss an opportunity — however small — to make a good impression. Here are four questions about best practices for behavior at business events, with answers from Protocol Partners’ specialists. — S.H.

When exchanging business cards, how should you position the card?

A. Hold the card so the text is facing the recipient.

B. Hold the card face down.

C. Hold the card sideways.

At a business luncheon, where should the guest of honor be seated?

A. At the head of the table.

B. In the seat of their choice.

C. To the immediate right of the host.

If you greet someone from another culture and they don’t extend their hand for a handshake after you’ve offered yours, what should you do?

A. Acknowledge the misstep and apologize.

B. Withdraw your hand and carry on conversation.

C. Switch your gesture quickly to match what the other person is doing.

At a business dinner in North America, when is the best time to transition from small talk to talking shop?

A. After the salad course arrives.

B. After the main course arrives.

C. Over coffee and dessert at the end of the meal.

Answers: A, C, B, B