For three decades, CEB’s best practices and division support group has been at the core of the company’s business: it helps provide insight to C-suite executives on how to perform better in their roles.

Now, as the Arlington-based company makes a push for greater awareness of its brand, it is adding a new role for a global head of product marketing for that line of business.

Teresa Green, CEB’s managing director of global talent acquisition, spoke with Capital Business about what the new role is to entail. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

What kind of marketer are you looking for?

This role is really a strategic role. This individual will be driving messaging and positioning of that business. They’re going to be driving an integrated marketing plan on a global level, they will launch new products and they will identify new marketing opportunities, ultimately to grow that business segment.

CEB has lately been working to increase its brand recognition. How does this job support that effort?

If you think about the [best practices and division support] group for us, that is a group where we have multiple products, and many of them are often known by their individual product names. And so one of the things that this role will provide is more broad brand awareness for us on a more global level. There are multiple memberships and multiple product families within CEB that potential members can engage with us on in the market.

So presumably you’re looking for someone with a business-to-business marketing background?

It would be highly beneficial for someone to understand a [business-to-business] services environment. We are looking for someone who has operated in a global environment as well. And deep product marketing experience is going to be really critical.

Next layer down, CEB is a very analytical, data-driven culture. We preach that to our members. We practice it internally, as well. For someone to be successful here, they need to be able to define problems, analyze data, present business cases in order to make the right decisions for our organization.

CEB helps other companies with talent strategy. How are you applying your own secret sauce to the hiring process?

We do have a very thorough and rigorous selection process at CEB. We’ve incorporated some of our own products into the interview process. A great example of that is interview guides. We use a tool that we have on the market that allows us to define the competencies that are really critical for this role and set up structured behavioral interview questions to make sure we are hiring someone that exhibits those competencies.