ComScore is hiring a vice president of television and cross-media services who can help businesses keep up with Netflix, Hulu and other new methods of media consumption.

The Reston-based media measurement company sells analytics services — evaluating the impact of advertising, as well as monitoring brands and consumer behavior.

The vice president would find new customers and sell more of ComScore’s services to existing customers within that division. Joan FitzGerald, senior vice president of television and cross media services, and the person to whom the vice president would report, talked with Capital Business about the position.

Online video streaming has grown significantly in the past couple years. How is that trend changing ComScore’s services?

Consumers used to use live television ... now, increasingly, they’re consuming content online, on PCs, on mobile devices, on tablets, on smart TVs. You’ve got the phenomena of Netflix and all of those subscription kinds of services that allow consumers to use video in new ways. What ComScore has been doing is expanding its measurement service so that we account for video consumption really wherever it occurs. It helps the advertisers understand the audiences they reach, and it helps the publishers and the media brands understand how much [advertising] they really have to sell. This position is going to be helping to market and sell our services in this new ecosystem of multi-platform viewing — really it’s total video measurement.

We’ve long measured major broadcasting companies and work with them. The job is a little less finding new customers, and it’s more selling this new measurement service to our existing customers.

Will the vice president have to design new measurement techniques?

We already have a strong sense of strategic direction when it comes to deploying new measurements for the industry. This person needs to have a really deep familiarity with the television advertising buying-and-selling space.

They need to have gone out there and met the players in the industry, the heads of research ... The main job of this particular position is to work with the traditional media sellers as they expand their offerings.

How much time will they spend managing an internal team?

Most of their effort is going to be spent out in the marketplace meeting with customers ... Sixty to 70 percent out in the market. The remaining part of it is working internally to help grow these products and services.

The team that is responsible for developing the suite of cross-platform measurement products is 30 people.