Online apparel design company CustomInk has been growing at a rapid clip and expects to pull in about $200 million in sales this year. Now the Fairfax-based company is looking to hire a director of strategic partnerships, and the job posting says the company is looking for a candidate who is an “up-and-coming rainmaker looking to work on transformative deals.”

Christina Molzen, CustomInk’s director of talent management, talked with Capital Business about the job opening.

What does this job entail?

This role is about really, truly understanding the CustomInk business, understanding our strategic road map, and identifying and cultivating different business opportunities that would advance that. It’s not about artificial drivers — such as it has to be X number of mergers or X number of partners. This role is really about being able to identify brand new opportunities, also being able to shepherd along certain opportunities that they or somebody else have already defined or identified.

Do you want someone with experience in the apparel industry?

They may have an investment banking background. They may have a corporate development background. They may have been a consultant in some capacity. They definitely have to have demonstrated the ability to build hard-core, rigorous business cases. They need to be highly analytical, with very strong interpersonal and influential abilities. It could be mistaken as a sales job. It’s definitely not. It’s not a schmoozy job. It’s very much about substance. The substance in terms of the business opportunities, the substance in terms of the relationships, internal and external. An e-commerce or technology-related background is very strong since that’s so core to who we are. If they’ve also been in the apparel business, that’s awesome, but a big part of this is about some kind of online or e-commerce industry. We’ve got a number of different avenues through which someone could come to this role. The role is analytical, strategic, conceptual, and has a strong operational bent.

Does this person have any direct

Not immediately. We may in the future. We’re very much working managers; we’re very passionate about them getting under the hood themselves. They could have larger project teams, though. They would definitely be project owners, and they would definitely be subject matter experts.

So it’s important that they have strong leadership skills, I assume?

They need to be able to influence with a certain level of humility. They need to be able to manage up, and also [deal with] people junior to them.