McLean-based ImmixGroup has plans to double its 300-person staff over the next three years.

ImmixGroup, which facilitates business between technology companies and the government, is looking to beef up its cybersecurity business, and so it is creating a position for a senior leader to help accomplish that goal.

Donna Marino, the company’s corporate recruiter, talked with Capital Business about the job and the kind of person she’s hoping will fill it. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

What will be this person’s primary responsibility?

In the past, with ImmixGroup, we have not had to go after business, people seem to have come to us. We are hiring this person specifically for the cybersecurity vertical. We’re trying to grow that business. So this person would be a subject matter expert on this, looking at trade shows and panels where he or she would be able to discuss cybersecurity. They would also try to find out who are the big players in the market. And once they identify these, they’d work with our vice president of business development to go after and get business for ImmixGroup.

Presumably you want someone with considerable cybersecurity experience. What other things are you looking for?

We describe it as this: The salespeople will look at this person and say, “Wow, he’s really technical.” And the technical people will look at this person and say, “He’s got a strong sales background.” That’s what makes this one a tough one to fill.

Someone who might have a product marketing background would be good. Somebody who’s come from a technical and a product marketing background, but then knows how to build a business. They don’t necessarily need to know how to close the business, but just to be able to find it for us and make the recommendations.

Does this person have any direct reports?

Initially they will not have any reports. As we grow the business and we bring in some more analysts.

How are you conducting the search and how it is going?

Right now, we’re managing the search out of our office. We want to give a shot to doing it in-house first before we go to agencies.

We’ve had a great response and we’re just beginning to interview. So we’re still in the early stages. Ideally, we’d like this person to start in the beginning of June because our fiscal year goes from June to June.