Inova Health Systems, one of the region’s largest hospital networks, is seeking a new chief executive for its Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in Alexandria. This leader will manage a 273-bed hospital that pulls in about $325 million in revenue. Inova hopes to extend an offer for this job in December, and the salary is to be commensurate with the candidate’s experience.

Angela Mannino, Inova’s senior vice president of human resources, spoke with Capital Business . The conversation has been edited.

What is the scope of this job?

Mount Vernon Hospital has about 8,200 admissions. It has 7,000 surgeries, 22,000 orthopedic surgeries and about 84,000 outpatient visits. The full-time employee count is 1,200 and there are 400 physicians. This position will have oversight of our new [expansion], a $45 million, 80-bed, private-room facility. So a key responsibility will be finishing the construction on that. It’s already been capitalized, it’s underway, but they’ll have to finish it.

What are the job’s biggest challenges? How do they compare with what leaders face at other Inova hospitals?

Mount Vernon, although it does pay its bills, is not our most profitable or revenue-generating hospital. It’s a lean organization. So I think that one of the critical things is going to be the expansion of services and growth. That’s going to be a make or break for that hospital. The other thing is to seek out community education and partnerships, so that it’s better known and it’s supporting the community the way it needs to. Sixty-five percent of patients that visit Mount Vernon are over age 65, so appealing to and supporting that population is going to be very important.

Imagine you meet a dream candidate at a cocktail party. What’s your 30-second elevator pitch for the job?

It’s within a successful growing system, so there are lots of opportunities to grow. If you came into our organization in this role, you could progress. You could move into the system office in a higher level role. You could move into one of the bigger campuses and take a position that would be above this one. You could have a really rich, long career at Inova by having this as an entry point.

Is the search local or national?

It’s a national search. We have a search firm that’s helping us. We are looking at organizations that are either smaller systems, where maybe somebody was a COO in that system and this would be the next logical promotion. Or we’re looking for people that were a CEO of a smaller hospital. Again, that would be a nice stair step for them.