Wellness Corporate Solutions.

Location: Cabin John.

Number of employees: 35.

Forget “Dancing with the Stars.” Welcome to “Dancing with Your Co-Workers.”

Employees at Wellness Corporate Solutions took ballroom dancing lessons in February. (Kat Haselkorn/Courtesy of Wellness Corporate Solutions)

Not everyone at Wellness Corporate Solutions was thrilled with the idea.

“At first, everyone was a little nervous,” said Ashley Woodhouse, the company’s events and logistics supervisor. “People were like ‘Ugh, who am I going to be partnered with? This is going to be so weird.’ ”

“But,” she added, “once the music started playing, it was just so fun and silly. Everyone was laughing.”

The session was part of a firmwide activity. One Friday a month, employees at the Cabin John company, which provides wellness programs to employers, take the afternoon off for an outing.

Last month, they hiked the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls. Other times, they’ve gathered for yoga classes and basketball tournaments.

The tradition began about seven months ago, said Kat Haselkorn, marketing and communications manager.

“It makes coming to work on Fridays that much more fun,” Haselkorn said. “Nobody here can sit still for too long.”

Larry Rindner, the company’s director of accounting, leads a ballroom dancing lesson at his Bethesda studio. (Kat Haselkorn/Courtesy of Wellness Corporate Solutions)

The one-hour ballroom dancing course in February was taught by the company’s director of accounting, Larry Rindner.

“Someone just suggested, ‘Hey, this would be a great Friday afternoon activity,’ ” said Rindner, who owns a dance studio in Bethesda. “And that was that.”

Rindner taught his co-workers the basics of salsa and swing. They danced to “La Cucaracha” and practiced under-arm turns.

“I can’t believe everyone showed up,” Rindner said.

Employees e-mail around their activity suggestions throughout the month and eventually vote on their favorite option.

For this month’s outing, Woodhouse is pushing for a canoeing trip. Haselkorn is gunning for a visit to an indoor trampoline gym.

Rindner, though, says he’s ready to teach another dance lesson.

“Next time, I’d probably have the ladies do some twirling,” he said.