Company: KPMG.

Local offices: D.C., Tysons Corner.

Number of employees: 1,600 locally; 150,000 total.

Groupon? Living Social? Please. KPMG employees have their own daily deals Web site.

Just ask Cat Candela, who loves the Perks at Work program so much she’s begun briefing new hires about it their first day on the job.

“It’s a cross between eBay and Groupon,” Candela said of the internal site, which offers discounts for travel, clothing and restaurants. “You have to watch it like a hawk, though, because some of the deals fill up really fast.”

In the 15 months she’s worked at KPMG, Candela has bought discounted coupons for Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Starbucks, The Home Depot and 1-800-Flowers. Last month, she used the site to buy a gift from Omaha Steaks for her in-laws.

“I use it on an as-needed basis,” Candela said. “Or when I’m like ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to have this because it’s just such a good deal.’ ”

Candy Duncan, a managing partner at KPMG, says the company tries to provide a range of discounted fare, including electronics and child care.

“We have great employees who work very hard, so we try to bring them good things in life when we can,” she said.

The offers are overseen by Next Jump, a New York company that handles corporate rewards, said Jim McGann, director of communications at KPMG. McGann added that KPMG does not subsidize or pay for the discounts.

The daily deals are an extension of a more traditional employee discount program. Last year, the company added partnerships with Ann Taylor and Men’s Warehouse. Employees took part in fashion shows, and received discounts of up to 50 perecent at the stores.

“It was an opportunity to help our people look their best,” Duncan said. “When you look good, you perform well.”

Suzanne McLaughlin, a senior manager at KPMG, said she bought several items after the fashion show, including a blouse, cardigan and a belt.

“Some people bought nothing and some bought a couple of things,” she said. “And a few girls, well, they probably bought their entire fall wardrobe that day.”