Jason Bach, founder of Mosaic Data Services in Rockville, rewards employees with tickets to sporting events. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

Company: Mosaic Data Services.

Location: Rockville.

Number of employees: 6.

Alex Abrams isn’t much of a sports guy.

But given the opportunity to skip work and watch the Washington Nationals, he’ll take it.

“To get paid to go to a baseball game is pretty nice,” Abrams said. “Especially when you’re in a suite.”

A couple of weeks ago, his boss, Mosaic Data Services founder Jason Bach, invited him to watch the Nationals play the New York Mets. The outing, Abrams said, was a token of thanks for his long hours and hard work at the company.

“It was a great way to show appreciation,” said Abrams, a general manager at the Rockville firm.

And even though he missed more than half of the game, Abrams said he had fun.

“I showed up really late — maybe in the fifth inning,” he said. “The food was gone by then, but I had a beer or two and we talked about the game.”

Bach has been rewarding employees with tickets to sporting events since he founded Mosaic, which provides services to data services around the country, in 2000.

“There are only six of us, so we have to be a little bit creative in our incentives,” said Bach, a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.

At least a couple of times every quarter, Bach hands out tickets to Capitals, Redskins and Nationals games to high-performing employees. Sometimes he adds Oriole tickets or yacht trips to the mix.

“It’s a good motivator,” Bach said. “We use it for team bonding, as the icing on the cake.”